Gray Areas was recently named "One Of The 10 Best Magazines Of 1992" by Library Journal (5/1/93) and the "#1 Zine of 1993" by Pulse! magazine. Gray Areas has also received favorable reviews in such diverse books and publications as: Alternative Press Review, Anarchy , Black Flame, bOING bOING, Business Week , Chicago Tribune, City Paper, Computer underground Digest, Covert Culture Sourcebook, Cult of the Dead Cat, Dirty Linen, Eidos, Empire TImes, Factsheet Five, Farm Pulp, Flipside, Frighten The Horses , Hoax!, Information Warfare, Iron Feather Journal, Library Journal, Magazine Week, Magical Blend, MTV Television, National Law Journal, Nuts and Volts, Option, Panty Line Fever, Philadelphia Inquirer, Phrack, Privacy Newsletter, Pulse!, Record Collector, Record Collector's Directory , Request, Screw, Small Magazine Review, Subconscious Soup, .TIFF, Unbroken Chain, The Wave, Whole Earth Review, The Wild Rag, Writer's Digest, etc.

Gray Areas is 164 pages on glossy paper.Gray Areas is carried by several hundred libraries and thousands of stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Orient. Retail chains include: Barnes & Noble, Bookstar, Bookstop, Borders, Bulldog News, Hastings, Little Professor, Tower Books/Video, and Waldenbooks. Gray Areas can also be found in independent record stores and the See Hear mail order catalog. The print run is presently 10,000 copies and growing fast as our readers include: affluent Deadheads, other music lovers, musicians, small press publishers, libraries, computer enthusiasts, lawyers, parents, students, committed activists, educators, Fortune 500 corporations and "baby-boomers with brains."

All ads must be prepaid, camera ready and we must have a sample or photo of your product. Gray Areas, Inc. reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Our responsibility for our mistakes affecting your ad shall not exceed the original cost of the ad you purchased. Advertisers assume all liability for contents (including text and any illustrations) of ads printed. All verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing.


1 column inch    2.33" wide by 1" high       $40      $140         N/A 

1/8 page 3.5" wide by 2.5" high $75 $250 N/A

1/6 page 2.33" wide by 5" high $115 $375 N/A

1/6 page 3.5" wide by 3.33" high $115 $375 N/A

1/4 page 3.5" wide by 5" high $150 $500 N/A

1/3 page 2.33" wide by 10" high $200 $700 N/A

1/3 page 7" wide by 3.33" high $200 $700 N/A

1/2 page 7" wide by 5" high $300 $1000 N/A

1/2 page 3.5" wide by 10" high $300 $1000 N/A

Full page 7" wide by 10" high $600 $2000 $800

Inside covers 7" wide by 10" high $600 $2000 $800

Back Cover 8.125" wide by 10.875" high N/A $600 $800

All color prices assume no costs to us for separations, matched prints, etc. Line screen is 133. Guaranteed placement and a prepaid discount is available if you prepay in full for four b/w insertions. Color ads are even more sharply discounted at the rate of $2500 for four insertions. We offer a 15% discount to retail stores that sell Gray Areas, recognized ad agencies and independent bands and publishers. We offer a 50% discount to non-profit organizations. All advertisers receive two full copies of Gray Areas with each ad.