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DVD titles are reviewed using either a Panasonic A110 or a Creative Labs Encore PC-DVD (using the latest drivers) which is installed in a Pentium II 300 MHz with 64mb RAM running Windows98. All titles are recent releases, even though some are of the films are years old. Because DVD is a new medium, older titles are being released as new product. This will be true for some time to come.

BACK ON THE PROWL VOLUME #4 (Raw Interactive, 240 minutes) Jamie Gillis returns to direct this fascinating series which lets five real men have sex with six women who have agreed to have sex with anyone willing. This episode stars Shanna McCullough, Cleo, Intrusion, Temptress, Malitia and Regan Star. Shot in adult bookstore where the men came looking for something to read or watch and instead were offered a live girl at no charge, this has lots of spontaneous dialogue, and holds your interest from start to finish. The DVD contains digital stereo sound, interactive rooms, interactive menus, dark room, previews of other titles, no regional coding, chapter search and much more. This is a highly recommended and unique series that can be seen in any order and does not require having seen the previous three titles to grasp or enjoy it. Ideal for those who spend time in adult bookstores themselves, as well as those who are fans of Gillis and/or enjoy amateur sex.

BIKINI TOURS (Vivid Interactive, 240 minutes) Those attracted to girls in bikinis rather than viewing hardcore will delight in this new title which features Sheila Stronegger, Amy Kramberger, Cory Lane, and Amy Rochelle Weiss. Filmed in southern California, these girls have natural beauty and assets and dance seductively for you in an attempt to tease. The DVD also includes digital stereo sound, fantasy rooms, dark room, preview of other titles, outtakes and bloopers from other Vivid titles, no regional coding, information center, interactive tour, interactive menus, and chapter search. Sure to please its intended audience.

CURSE OF THE CATWOMAN (VCA Interactive, 85 minutes) John Leslie directed this superb film which stars Selena Steele, Raven, Racquel Darien, Ashley Nichole, Jamie Gillis, Rocco Siffredi, Tom Byron and Marc Wallice. The bizarre plot involves a group of cat people waiting for their Chosen One who spend their time hanging out in bar and having sex. The sex is unusual as well. For one thing, there is no girl/girl scene that is in almost every adult film. Also, there is a group scene in which one woman in the center touches no one and is not touched herself. There are eight sex scenes total, and each one makes a conscious attempt to be different, which is no easy thing to do in this genre. The DVD contains a digitally remastered print of the film, interactive menu, photo gallery, Dolby Stereo sound, web site link, no regional coding and chapter search. A very memorable film for those interested in plots and/or cult films, this is also recommended to Leslie's many fans, and those interested in adult classics.

EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY 3 (VCA Interactive, 98 minutes) Juli Ashton, Felecia, Misty Rain, Arianna, Kia, Rebecca Wild, Krista Maze, Steve Drake, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Peter North, Alec Metro, Michael J. Cox and many others star in this third segment in this hit film series. This time around there are eight sex scenes, and a plot that involves a husband and wife who both have sex with each other while fantasizing about other people. They each visit sex clubs, without the knowledge of the other party, until eventually he sees her at one and she finds a ticket for one in his clothes. Somehow this makes their relationship better and the film ends happily. The DVD contains a digitally remastered print of the film, Dolby Stereo sound, photo gallery, interactive menus, no regional coding, web site access and chapter search. I had not seen the previous titles in this series and if you also haven't that won't matter in trying to enjoy and/or understand this. Well done, other than the fact this is more about what males fantasize women think about than what females really do.

MAKIN' IT (Wave Interactive, 240 minutes) Mina J, Isis Nile, Debi Diamond, Kaitlyn Ashley, Ed Powers and Marc Wallice star in this Toni English film about two people who wish to join the adult film industry. They go through all of the steps to get before the cameras and have sex with porn stars, and the film follows them along this process. While not a documentary, this has an appealing plot for those who seek one. The DVD contains multiple screens of information about the Wave girls, interactive phone sex, interactive menus, no regional coding, digital stereo sound, previews of other titles, Kobe's Virtual Reality segment, chapter search and more. This is a better than average title with some stars who don't often appear together. Well done.

MISSPELLED (VCA Interactive, 102 minutes) Kylie Ireland, Chloe, Tina Tyler, Alexandra Silk, Elizabeth X, and Julian star in this fascinating look at witchcraft. The plot concerns two apprentice witches, learning from an older one, and unable to control their urges to cast even when it conjures up problems. This has superb casting, use of costumes, and acting, as well as seven hot sex scenes too. The DVD contains a digitally remastered print of the film, Dolby Stereo sound, interactive menus, web access, chapter search and more. This is highly recommended for those who enjoy adult films with a solid plot, are fans of any of the actresses and/or are interested in the occult.

OUT OF LOVE (Vivid Interactive, 240 minutes) Nikki Tyler, Jill Kelly, Brit Andrews, Sindee Coxx, Tom Byron, Peter North, and Joey Silvera star in this Paul Norman film. The plot involves a couple who has fallen out of love, and now sits in an attorney's office to discuss ending things. As they start to remember the passion their relationship once had, and all of their erotic moments, they become attracted to each other all over again. The DVD contains multiple angle technology, Virtual Reality technology, digital stereo sound, information about the Vivid girls, interactive menus, previews of other titles, no regional coding, interactive phone sex, and footage of the AVN awards show. Inside the box are a poster of the Vivid girls and a paper catalog of other titles available. An excellent plot which is recommended to Nikki Tyler fans.

SIMPLY BLUE (Wave Interactive, 240 minutes) Ashlyn Gere, Anna Malle, Roxanne Hall, Dallas, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice and Bobby Vitale star in this Layne Parker film. The film concerns a woman who works as an artist. Living a comfortable life, she has become entangled romantically in an affair with her boss, which expanded to include a three-way, in which his best friend joined in. Now she feels it is time for her to move on but is unsure if she can or will. The DVD contains digital stereo sound, interactive menus, interactive phone sex, multiple screens of information about the Wave girls, previews of other titles, no regional coding and chapter search.

SOPORNOS, THE (VCA Interactive, 120 minutes) Rob Spallone produced and stars in this James Digiorgio film which also features Tabitha Stevens, Johnni Black, Lauryl Canyon, Kendra Jade, Julian, Herschel Savage and Tyce Bune. The film is about a casino owner and gangster who seems to have it all. However, despite his money and power, he worries nonstop. The film is a play on the HBO cable series The Sopranos and we see Mr. Soporno meeting with his therapist and having concerns about his business partners who wish they had been left in charge instead of him. Meanwhile his girls take care of the best customers and provide seven sex scenes including one on a roulette table. The DVD contains a digitally remastered print of the film, Dolby Stereo sound, photo gallery, star biographies, interactive menus, no regional coding, web site access and chapter search. This is ideal for those seeking plots, who love gambling, and/or have seen the HBO series. Well done.

SORORITY SEX KITTENS PART 1 (VCA Interactive, 94 minutes) Jim Holliday directed this film which stars Ashlyn Gere, Summer Knight, Kelly O'Dell, Selena Steele, Victoria Paris, Bionca, Shayla LaVeaux, Tiffany Mynx, Madison, Sharon Kane, Peter North and many others. The plot involves a college campus sorority where the hottest men on campus seem to be disappearing one by one. Are the sorority sisters behind the disappearances? There are six sex scenes including a memorable orgy with 13 women participating. The film was so successful it spawned two additional sequels. The DVD contains a digitally remastered print of the film, Dolby Stereo sound, interactive menus, photo gallery, no regional coding, web link, and chapter search. Highly recommended to those interested in large casts, Jim Holliday films and/or girl/girl scenes.

TORERO (Digital Playground) Directed by Joe D'Amato and starring Rocco Siffredi, Sunset Thomas, Olivia Del Rio, Axan Etuxiran, and Roberto Malone, this classic European adult film has a rich plot about courage, tragedy and love. Winner of the 1997 AVN award for "Best European Film," this high budget 35mm release features great costumes, locations, original music score, high production values, solid script and even bullfighting. Digitally remastered for DVD, this includes 5.1 digital surround sound, parental lock, no regional coding, theatrical trailer, slide show, choice of English, French or Spanish languages, and chapter search. Those with DVD players inside their PCs can also enjoy a Strip Blackjack game which is included. This is highly recommended to those who enjoy films with a plot, who appreciate lavish budgets and attempts to make art, and/or who are fans of Rocco and Sunset.

TORN (VCA Interactive, 120+ minutes) Veronica Hart directed this comeback film for adult legend Ginger Lynn. Also starring are Chloe, Kylie Ireland, Julie Ashton, Stacy Valentine, Rayveness, Sean Michaels, Julian and Michael J. Cox. There are also nonsex cameos by Veronica Hart and Sharon Mitchell. The plot involves a top soap opera star. She has a reputation for having sex with cast members and then firing them. She travels to Chicago where she is reunited with her two best friends. One is female, one is male, and both are quite eager to be with her. She finds herself torn (thus the film's title) between which to choose as she finds she desires both of them equally. The DVD contains eight sex scenes in some very unusual places including an airplane, a dentist's chair, and hanging from rope. There's a solid plot here, great sound and superb performances by many top adult stars. The film has been digitally remastered for DVD, offers Dolby Stereo sound, true multiangle footage, interactive menus, no regional coding, director's commentary track, exclusive interviews, web site link, behind-the-scenes footage, and chapter search. Highly recommended for Lynn's many fans, those who seek plots, and those interested in collecting classic films.

UP AND COMING (i-candy Entertainment Inc.) Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Lisa DeLeeuw, and Richard Pacheco star in this classic film which is surely one of the best adult films ever made. Just released on DVD, Marilyn plays and up and coming country singer who is given a hard time by the present headline act, and a radio DJ who wants sex in trade for promoting her music. This is probably not too far from the reality for many aspiring stars, and she copes very well pleasing all she is expected to entertain and service. Helped enormously by great casting, a strong script, and the fact Marilyn can sing, this is a memorable film which holds up very well with age. The DVD contains many extras too, including Dolby 5.1 audio, audio commentary track by Gloria Leonard and Herschel Savage, animated and still photos of Marilyn, trailers of other titles, no regional coding, parental lock, outtake footage, chapter search and superb star biographies. This is a must for those interested in films with plots, those who treasure the golden age of adult films, fans of Marilyn and/or any of the other actors, and those new to adult films who are looking for a great title to add to their collections they are sure will be worth the money. Highly recommended.

VIRTUAL SEX WITH NIKKI TYLER (Digital Playground) Featuring true multi-angle interactivity, Penthouse Pet Nikki Tyler stars here in an environment where you can choose the sexual positions you watch, the camera angles, and whether Nikki will appear nice or nasty. Filmed directly for DVD, this includes Nikki's first anal scene, 5.1 Dolby Digital audio, FantaVR to allow viewer control of all positions, demeanor, and style of action, user controlled camera-switching, point of view interactive sex, interactive menus, parental lock and chapter search. Highly recommended for fans of Nikki Tyler, and/or those who skip right to the sex scenes in adult films. If you have always wished when watching adult films that you could direct them and only show what you wanted to, this is your chance. Well done.

WINDOW, THE, (Vivid Interactive, 240 minutes) Kira, Kim Chambers, Reagan Star, Keki D'Aire and Halli Aston star in this Paul Thomas film which is set in a hospital. The plot centers around a hospital window which one can look out of down to the alley below, as well as the apartments above, and a football player who is stuck in the hospital with an old man as his roommate. The old man glances out the window and tells the football player what he sees, which includes one sexual tryst after another. Meanwhile, the football player falls for his nurse who is played by Kira. With heavy use of condoms which lends credibility to this particular plot, this is an interesting film which plays on the fantasies men have about being cared for by sexy nurses. The DVD contains multiple angle technology, digital stereo sound, Virtual Reality technology, information about the Vivid girls, interactive menus, interactive phone sex, previews of other titles, no regional coding, footage of the AVN awards show and chapter search.