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Web rings are groups of people who join together in order to promote their web sites by trading links which other pages which share a common theme. There are thousands of such rings, uniting everything from cat owners to college alumni to fan pages for popular rock bands, TV shows and movies.

In order to join this particular ring, your site must be gray. By this we mean it should address themes or subject matter which is illegal, immoral and/or controversial. Some examples are drugs, satanism, nudism, occult, hackers, AIDS, prisons, piracy, UFOS, privacy, body modification, and many aspects of sexuality.

If admitted into the ring there is some code you must add to your page as well as a graphic you need to download and store on your own site. Do NOT link to our copy. If you are not familiar with cutting and pasting HTML code, or how to download graphics from web pages, and you've won the award, just email us for help.

Sites in this ring do not necessarily endorse each other, but they do serve as superb resources and reference points for learning more about gray topics, causes and cultures. Sites accepted into this ring are truly the best out there at explaining what it is that they do. Happy surfing!

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*On October 27, 1997 we were awarded the Ring Mistress Award*

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