Statement Of Purpose

Gray Areas exists to examine the gray areas of life. We explore subject matter which is illegal, immoral and/or controversial. We hope to unite people involved in all sorts of alternative lifestyles and deviant subcultures. We feel that the government has done a great job of splitting people up so that they do not identify with other minority groups anymore. There are so many causes now that people often do not talk to others not directly involved in their chosen causes. Gray Areas provides an open forum for all of these causes. We believe that the methods used to catch criminals are the same regardless of the crime and that much can be learned by studying how crimes in general occur and why only some are prosecuted. It is our mission to educate people so that they begin to care more about the world around them and become less hasty in judging other people's morals. Gray Areas provides the only place in print where lawbreakers can speak freely (we guarantee anonymity) and law abiders and enforcers can safely interact with them. The opinions expressed in articles, columns, cartoons and ads reflect those of their authors and not necessarily those of Gray Areas, Inc. We strive to present all sides of an issue when we cover it, but need to continue subjects over several issues. We hope you'll consider our coverage of issues as a whole. Please join our efforts by subscribing, advertising with us and by spreading the word about what we're up to.