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Gray Areas On The Net Award Winners Section

The pages below have won the 1997 Gray Areas On The Net Award and are all worth visiting. Surfing the links below with an open mind can lead to a greater understanding of many social problems, deviant subcultures and marginal/alternative/fringe cultures. Happy surfing!

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December 01 Cyberspace Inmates

A home page that unites the many inmates behind bars looking for pen pals and to sell products they make to while away the time.

December 02 Firewalking Home Page

You've heard about people who walk on fiery coals. Now you can read firsthand about who does it and why.

December 03 Roadside America Homepage

You'll have to search a bit here, but this unique travel page offers info on everything from a brain trauma center, to a pet cemetary, to info on a sideshow attraction known as The Merman.

December 04 The Kooks Museum

An online museum which features everything from info on known Net kooks to a gift shop to a hall of hate and a conspiracy corridor. Very well done.

December 05 Hyper-Weirdness By World Wide Web

A superb link page, which although not always entirely accurate (they spelled our name wrong and had the wrong URL for us), contains links to more than enough gray home pages to keep you busy for hours.

December 06 Essential Media Counterculture Catalog

This company isn't gray, but they sell all sorts of gray books and zines. Worth a look if you need one central place to order from.

December 07 The Mysterious & Unexplained

Information on Atlantis, space, psychics,UFOs, book reviews, and more.

December 08 Tim Elder's Paralinks

While no longer maintained, the many links here will be current for a few more months. Perhaps someone can get in touch with the author and offer to continue to update the page as its loss would truly be a shame to the Net. If you are interested in UFOs, the occult, secret societies, ghosts, predictions, etc. there is a wealth of information to be found by clicking here.

December 09 Astrology Online

Here's the largest astrology site on the Web. Like most of the others it exists to sell natal charts, but there is lots of information about astrology and the various signs as well as links to other sites too.

December 10 Universal Life Church

A well-known church for those who seek creativity with their beliefs. You can become an ordained minister capable of performing weddings, purchase insurance for your practice and seek training to improve yourself and earn more money as head of your own congregation. You'd be surprised how many famous and "legitimate" businesspeople have joined this church, which we first became aware of through the Sociology Dept. at Northwestern University, as one example.

December 11 Cap'n Crunch's Home In Cyberspace

Often picked on by hackers, most of whom are all too happy to learn from people and then shit on them, Cap'n Crunch was one of the earliest phone phreaks who went public. Written about in many books and magazine articles, he got his handle by discovering a toy shipped in Cap'n Crunch cereal could blow a tone into the telephone allowing one to make free phone calls. In this home page he relates some stories about his exploits and offers his views on the scene today.

December 12 Computer underground Digest WWW Site

By far the best publication around on hackers and cyberspace privacy issues, this home page houses a complete collection of back issues as well as links to everything else credible available elsewhere.

December 13 GONZO Links

Here's a superb, well-organized set of links to sites about conspiracies, hacking, UFOs, panic culture and gray catalogs.

December 14 The Great USENET Just-Say-No-To-Piss-Tests Project

Lists companies known to perform drug testing, along with methods used when known and policies for employees who flunk the test. Well worth a look even for those who don't use drugs.

December 15 Gloria G. Brame's Castle in the Sky

This extensive literary site offers something for everyone including poetry, fiction, ezines, articles on technology, s/m and much, much more. Great links too.

December 16 The Khandi Pages

Much information here on Afrikan life and culture including pages on polygamy and Mumia Abu Jamal. Worth a look for those interested in art, race, history and culture.

December 17 Amendment 1

Links, in alphabetical order by topic, to all things gray and controverisal. A MUST see page!

December 18 Nerve Damagaing Imagery

Controversial graphics and comix are the theme here, along with writings and links as well.

December 19 Ron and Barb's Place

Nudism and Naturism are the themes here along with info and support for Internet Privacy and free speech online.

December 20 Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.

Rape has always been a gray area, but the rape of prisoners is right up there with the rape of prostitutes in being the hardest cases to get anything done about. Here's a page where the subject is explored, addressed and which is working towards ending the problem.

December 21 Computer Virus Myths Home Page

It's about time someone put this together! Here's a page debunking all those phony virus attack stories which circulate through email about other, contaminated email. Easy to maneuver through and well worth your time to peruse.

December 22 Tom Crutchfield's Reptile Enterprises

This site made us cringe, but hey, it's gray. They sell snakes, lizards, crocodiles and more via the Web, including poisonous species, and guarantee live delivery. Prices range from $4-$12,000. State laws obviously vary. Worth a look even if you don't want any as the page loads fast and is easy to follow.

December 23 ERGO's Euthanasia World Directory

Everything you ever wanted to know about euthanasia, including a list of laws, books, movies, faq, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and organizations that can help you.

December 24

This site documents the recent trend of the hacking of web pages to shame the victims, expose security holes and/or publicize one's own causes.

December 25 Whore Activist Network

A wealth of information on prostitution here including literature reviews, links across the Web, a photo gallery and information on a forthcoming documentary in progress.

December 26 Men and Women Behind Bars

There's nothing especially gray about prisoners seeking penpals, except the stigma attached to people who write them. We've always supported prisoners, even before the FBI came into our lives and arrested one of our staff members for old crimes before he joined us. If you have some time to spare, make someone's day. In our experience, prisoners can be loyal, offer good advice and while they may not always be honest about their crimes and some are looking for sexy mail, if you dig around you will be rewarded.

December 27 The Censorship Pages

A wealth of information about the written word and the controverisies which often surround it. Here are pages on banned books, censorship on the Internet, quotations about censorship, and discussion groups on these topics. Well done and sorely needed.

December 28 Access Manson

Everything you always wanted to know about Charles Manson including his current condition, parole hearing information, answers to the lies printed about him and much, much more.

December 29 The Underground Net

An underground news service aimed at sensational gray topics and offering information on movies, music, cigars, books and more.

December 30 Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute

Publishers of Smart Drug News, this organization offers lots of information about gray drugs.

December 31 Woodpecker's Hemp Nest

A slew of links to hemp pages, psychedelia and other interesting places.

November 01 Stupid People, Crime & Current Events

The home page of a police officer, this offers links to stupid current events and posts stupid things people do to break the law.

November 02 Circumcision/Foreskin Restoration Resource Page

This link collection tackles a gray subject pretty much ignored elsewhere.

November 03 The Wild Bohemian Page

Woodstock, Altered Consciousness, The Beat Generation, Hippies and Outlaw Bikers are explored in depth here.

November 04 The Freak Out Home Page

Gray opinions are published here. There are sections on drugs, race, religion, crime, aliens, ebonics and eating and wearing animals.

November 05 Conspiracy Central

Everyone from MTV and the Spice Girls to Microsoft and Netscape are in the archives here. What would the Internet be without urban legends, conspiracies and pranks?

November 06 The Unofficial Goodfellas Web Page

Info on everyone from Al Capone to John Stanfa is here, along with the latest news about indictments, alleged hits and trials.

November 07 The UK Cannabis Site

Articles on UK Cannabis law, how to pass a urine test, history and politics of hemp, and many great links can be found here.

November 08 The Propoganda Collection

Superb sections here on drug hysteria, racists, fascists and religious freaks. Gray indeed what some people choose to believe.

November 09 Cyber Journal

Part of a law class at Texas Tech University, this site offers student articles on gray areas in cyberbanking, Internet gambling, computer viruses, trademarks and domain names, Internet obscenity regulation, etc.

November 10 Necropolis: Encyclopedia of the Undead

This vampire site offers info on vampire origins, famous cases, best books in the field, links to other sites, vampire art and more.

November 11 The Seamless Website

Making the law less gray, this legal site offers thousands of legal links, original writings on legal topics, legal news, etc.

November 12 Old Maid

I've linked to the page with "The Top 100 Strange (But True) Legal Cases Found In The Court System," but there's lots more here if you use the home button.

November 13 Male Survivors of Abuse and Neglect

This religious site offers statistics, info on how to select a therapist, advice on how to tell others, conquer disorders and learn to forgive.

November 14 CyberAngels Internet Safety Organization

An attempt to educate those concerned about hoaxes, scams and stalking on the Net. These can be very gray problems, but many feel the approach taken by the CyberAngels is gray as well. It's not easy battling hackers who can sniff every word being typed. The CyberAngels now wisely offer a PGP key to people requesting their help.

November 15 Homepage

This group is anti-D.A.R.E. and is dedicated to exposing what they feel are lies in D.A.R.E.'s messages.

November 16 The Angry Organization

This site allows you to vent your anger anonymously.

November 17 Marion's Body Art Page

An excellent site on body modification.

November 18 Rip Off Press Inc.'s Online Catalog

Classic underground comix by Gilbert Shelton, R. Crumb, Victor Moscoso and many more are sold and displayed here.

November 19 The Straight Dope

Cecil Adams has been answering gray questions since 1973 in his syndicated column "The Straight Dope."

November 20 Hippyland Hippie Magazine

Hippies are celebrated and remembered here.

November 21 Refuse & Resist!

Articles here on abortion, police brutality, attacks on immigrants and freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal.

November 22 F.E.A.R. (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights)

Powerful site about forfeiture laws and the consequences to people they are used on.

November 23 Nobody For President

Since 1975 Wavy Gravy and friends have been active in running Nobody for President. Come see why.

November 24 Evil House Of Cheat

Offering 8000 essays for those too lazy to write their own, as well as advice on how to cheat on exams.

November 25 The Daily Outrage!

Offers great reporting, archiving of older stories, a Hall of Shame section, and one for Outrageous stories as well.

November 26 The AFU And Urban Legends Archive

Topics here include legal, death, drugs, sex, Disney, celebrities and food.

November 27 Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

Pulling together thousands of little known factoids he read here and there, this site contains sections on sex, superstitions, language, religion, etc. No matter how much you know about these subjects, there is new info to be found here.

November 28 Intrepid Trips

This site is home base of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

November 29 Equinox Books and Occult Supplies

This site can put you in touch with everything you need to learn more about the occult.

November 30 I Ching's Page of Mystery

Everything from Bigfoot to Roswell to the Ebola Virus is explored here along with many unusual links not compiled elsewhere.

*** OCTOBER 1997 WINNERS ***

October 01 The Old Hippie Page

Hippies remain a gray area because they continue to threaten others simply by being.

October 02 Witch's Brew

Witchcraft has long been a gray area even though women are no longer openly killed for practicing it these days.

October 03 Prison Legal News

This eye-opening publication continues to expose and publicize the many offenses that are committed against prisoners by the American judicial system.

October 04 Families Against Mandatory Minimums

This not-for-profit organization is active in helping to change the laws for drug prisoners who are presently often being given longer sentences than violent offenders get.

October 05 COYOTE of Seattle, WA

COYOTE is a not-for-profit prostitute's group which serves to educate, debunk myths, publish, run dances, etc.

October 06 Timothy Leary's Home Page

Timothy Leary first became known for popularizing LSD usage. He later became one of the first celebrities to promote computers. He has also debated G. Gordon Liddy, and written extensively about dying from cancer.

October 07 Voudoun (Or Voodoo) Information Pages

A subject most people know little about without the hype often found in movies.

October 08 Master Pimp Emulation

No, this is not a sex site. Emulators allow you to run software programs from often archaic technology such as Commodore 64s, Coleco, Atari 2600, etc. However, they remain a gray area since although the games are no longer sold or available for purchase, software companies still own the copyrights to the games. Read all about it here.

October 09 The UNacceptable Link Exchange

Those banner exchange programs you see banners for everywhere discriminate heavily. This site offers an alternative program along with lots of info about gray sites that have had problems with the lily-white Link Exchange.

October 10 The Third Plateau

If people are going to try to get high by drinking cough syrup they should at least consider what it will do to them. This site will tell you all you want to know and more about a very gray way to use legal drugs.

October 11 Robert Hunter's Personal Archives

Robert Hunter was the Grateful Dead's lyricist. He's become very vocal online about his life, his music, his relationship with the Dead, his love of the Web, and his life now that the band isn't officially together anymore. This is a must for writers, poetry fans, Grateful Deadheads, philosophers and musicians.

October 12 The NAMES Project Foundation: AIDS Memorial Quilt

This not-for-profit organization stiches together the world's largest quilt which commemorates those who died to AIDS.

October 13 HOT WACKS Bootleg Guide

This book publishing company specializes in books about bootleg LPs and CDs.

October 14 The Privacy Pages

Tons of info about online privacy such as avoiding cookies, using PGP, Clipper Chip updates, hackers, and more can be found at this excellent site.

October 15 Main's Serial Killer Domain

Virtually every web site about serial killers is linked from here. There is more here on Gacy, Dahmer, Bundy and Berkowitz than you might expect and lots of pages on lesser known killers are included as well.

October 16 Asia Carrera's Home Page

The first adult film actress to do her own HTML is also a member of MENSA and married to an adult film producer. This X-rated site is not offensive, has great HTML and goes a long way towards explaining why women choose this career.

October 17 Ron English: Art At The Speed Of Life

Ron English is an artist who sometimes defaces and alters billboards quite artistically to get his own messages across instead of those the advertisers are promoting.

October 18 Killer Fonts

This type foundry offers gray fonts based on the handwritings of everyone from Jack The Ripper and Lizzie Borden to Billy The Kid and Jesse James. Well worth a look if you collect fonts or autographs.

October 19 Loompanics Unlimited

One of the top publishers of gray books on all sorts of subjects.

October 20 Paladin Press

One of the top publishers of gray books on all sorts of subjects.

October 21 Always Causing Legal Unrest

Radical feminist Nikki Craft has fought rapists, pornography, child molesters and much more for decades. Here is a collection of her quite controversial writing.

October 22 Kathy's Resources on Parenting, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Trauma, & Disassociation

This page of links and quotes has superb information on these often ignored gray areas. Well worth a look if you need information on rape, battered women, child abuse, and related topics.

October 23 Bibliography of Online Information Security Documents

Simply one of the best sources for information about cryptography, computer crime, telecommunications issues, etc.

October 24 8-Track Heaven

8-Tracks are alive and well with an entire network of people who swap, buy and sell them.

October 25 The Great Thompson Hunt

Great resource page containing everything related to gray author Hunter S. Thompson.

October 26 The Inherently Brilliant Pirate Radio Page!

An excellent place for beginners to learn all about the world of pirate radio.

October 27 The Art Of Prank Calls

Many sound file examples are included on this page that unites prank callers and collectors of their tapes.

October 28 The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation

Remember the Black Panthers? This newer site should grow into a central resource.

October 29 The AIDS Memorial at The Body

An electronic monument to help remember lives lost to AIDS.

October 30 Wild Bill's Biker Links

Riding a motorcycle is a gray area, what with helmet law challenges, 1% clubs and being looked down on by car owners. Simply everything to do with bike culture is here, from manufacturers to clubs to magazines.

October 31 Dark Side of the Web

This site boasts over 4000 links to dark, gothic, occult and horror web sites.