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Gray Areas On The Net Award Winners Section

The pages below have won the 1998 Gray Areas On The Net Award and are all worth visiting. Surfing the links below with an open mind can lead to a greater understanding of many social problems, deviant subcultures and marginal/alternative/fringe cultures. Happy surfing!

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*** OCTOBER 1998 WINNERS ***

Since flu consumed us for most of October, we did not award any sites this month. Come back in November. We're bound to be feeling up to par by then.


September 01 RIAA Welcomes You

You have to dig through the site to find it, in the press section, but there is a wealth of material here on piracy in the recording industry for those that are interested in copyright, trademark and intellectual property issues, as well as those interested in bootlegs and MP3s.

September 02 The Patrin Web Journal

Romani (Gypsy) culture is the theme here with sections on history, the Holocaust, organizations, culture and the arts, glossary and further reading, and links to other sites of interest.

September 03 Pinhead

An online zine specializing in things involving pinheads such as alienation, freaks and general weirdness. Great for those interested in carnivals, sideshows and general oddities.

September 04 A Quite Contrary Mary

Aimed at adults only, this site run by a Dominatrix offers poetry, photos, items for sale and more. Definitely worth seeing if you are interested in either bondage or a well designed site regardless of content.

September 05 Welcome Here, Stoner

This drug site aimed at hemp lovers offers things to download, stories and lots of kewl links.

September 06 Mark Holthusen Photography

Offering gray photography, this well designed site is also visually challenging as you roam through it since it was designed to purposely confuse viewers by not always taking them back to where they started :)

September 07 Protest.Net

This site offers a worldwide calendar of protests, meeting and important conferences. There's an index and you can add your own events too.

September 08 National AIDS Treatment Information Project

A wealth of information is offered here to those suffering from HIV and AIDS. Included are a list of potential problems and known treatments. Easy to sort through and badly needed.

September 09 KC7TXM Server Systems

Watch television programs from around the world if you have Real Video and a fast enough computer. While there is often nothing on regardless of how many channels you sift through, just as off the Net, you can see everything from the BBS in England to Court TV here. At different hours you can catch broadcasts and commercials from countries such as Australia, Thailand, Israel and Italy. Well worth checking out if only to see how other countries relate U.S. news.

September 10 The Most Complete and Most Useless Pick-Up Lines

This is exactly what it says it is, a collection of lines you can read and/or try that people claim to have used in trying to pick up other people for dates and/or sex. I didn't find it too funny, but I am not the target audience either. It's gray simply because some people have to resort to this to presumably find ways to communicate.

September 11 Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity

If you were saddened to learn that author Carlos Cataneda has died, this site exists to carry on his work and to train new people to improve themselves. There are books for sale, information on workshops, and some reading material as well.

September 12 FAIR's Media Activism Kit

A superb page on how to detect media bias and contact the press to have your voice heard and make sure they report things more accurately.

September 13 Laura Goodwin's WWW Presence

Laura is involved in Pagan, Leather and Bondage activities and shares information on this site about how to be her slave. She offers photos, some essays, and networking information for those who live in the CT area.

September 14 Meretrix Online

Owned and operated by a Nevada prostitute, this site about prostitution offers a bookshop, quilt project, resources, information and links. A great place to learn more about a taboo subject where most of those dispensing the information have never walked the walk.

September 15 The Pool Hall

A rare site about marijuana which also addresses potential addiction issues. There are a wealth of articles here to read, many of which are not on all the tons of other marijuana sites on the Net. Worth a visit even if you think you've already seen them all.

September 16 Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Obviously devoted to religious tolerance, this site offers information on dozens of religions, how they handle controversial issues like abortion and homosexuality, other articles, and a large link list of sites.

September 17 Carnies

Photographs of carnival workers are displayed here. They were taken in 1993 when the webmaster spent several weeks travelling with the carnies.

September 18 Lyla'z Peculiar Values and Very Special Rights

Run by a drag queen, this site has dozens of pages of humor. There is material on religion, the Beatles, William S. Burroughs, suicide, urine, penis envy and much more. Guaranteed to offend some, this will appeal to many who have an open mind.

September 19 Sideshow Banners

Sideshows, now disappearing rapidly, are fondly remembered here in a collection of real banners they once travelled with and displayed.

September 20 Cyberlaw

This web site, which promotes a book, offers a wealth of material on the laws which affect conduct in cyberspace. Lots here on electronic commerce, RSA Algorithm and the RSA Patent, the Software Piracy Association, etc.

September 21 The Philosopher's Box

A web page which offers a soapbox of writings, quotes, and links. Lots here on ancient philosophers as well as on topics such as religion, journalism, government, literature and the environment.

September 22 Sexual Database

Sex is the topic here with information on everything from birth control and orgasms to sexual therapy and erotica. You're able to either search by topic or go straight to a list of topics. Well done.

September 23 The Anti-Divx Page

DIVX is a new format which plays movies but has many, many reasons why you should hate it, avoid buying it and perhaps even boycott places that sell and encourage it. To learn what the controversy is all about, check here. To read about DVD, which is essentially DIVX without the bullshit, and which has way more features and no negatives, go to this site without the /divx/ part. We LOVE our DVD player and discs perhaps more than life itself and the threat to your future ability to buy CDs, software, movies and more than DIVX poses is something you should be well versed on asap.

September 24 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

This information and advocacy group offers a newsletter, news, legal information, an action alert section, peace resources and much more in an easy to navigate site.

September 25 Anti-Spam Campaign

A site full of government and legal resources to deal with the evergrowing unwanted email full of lies, nonsense, and false hopes. There is also a newbie primer, real audio clips of spammers speaking, news about spammers, and lots more. Alas, there is also a long list of places where if you mail to in order to stop the spam, you just get added to even more lists. We ourselves have fallen for this so we urge you to visit this site asap if this issue plagues you too. Highly recommended for anyone with an email address.

September 26 The Internet Drug List

This nifty search engine lets you search drugs by name to know what they will do, how they interact with other drugs and what brands are available. Very useful if your doctor suggests you try something new.

September 27 Strangeland

Rock star Dee Snider stars in this horror film which has an excellent, although quite violent, web game for those who use Shockwave. Highly recommended (click on StangeFun to play) IF you can stomach it.

September 28 Domain Games

A time consuming, but fascinating place to search if you wish to know which Internet domain names have recently been taken, or have recently become available, or closely resemble your own.

September 29 The Official Marilyn Manson WebSite

Rocker Marilyn Manson has stolen too much from Alice Cooper to hold my interest, but many consider both his life and highly publicized lifestyle to be very gray. If you're impressed, or shocked, by his actions, read all about him here.

September 30 GuideStar

Billed as "The Donor's Guide to Charities and Nonprofits," this is a superb site to search before donating money or time to any charity. With over 600,000 charities and non-profit companies listed here, you will surely find something you can feel good contributing to.

*** AUGUST 1998 WINNERS ***

August 01 Rainbow Family of Living Light

This unofficial home page will clue you into the Rainbow Family gathering, as well as virtually every web site of those who attend Rainbow gatherings which are popular among deadheads, peace lovers, hippies and environmentalists.

August 02 Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Web Site

This cult film is still going strong and has a detailed web site to prove it as well as a new release onto home video.

August 03 The Witches Sanctuary

Based in NJ, this web site gives information on witchcraft in NJ and elsewhere, including moonphases, Sabbats, aromatherapy, chakras, etc.

August 04 Court TV Legal Documents

If you want to be informed about the latest in legal cases, this is a great place to turn. Court TV is a cable TV channel which airs court hearings and this is their official web page. Worth a look even if you don't get cable TV.

August 05 Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia

Nolo Press publishes legal books for laymen and this web site offers a legal dictionary, information on wills, debt and credit, copyrights, small business law, real estate, tax problems and much more. Highly recommended as a great place to start dealing with your legal concerns.

August 06 The Wacky World of Murder

Frequently updated page on mass murderers and serial killers with nice design, and many gray links. This page romanticizes the crimes a bit, but it's a good resource if you are writing a paper or want to know what the attaction to these folks is for some people.

August 07 Vaporlink

A site about dominance and submission, this offers chat, links, photos and short articles of great value to newbies.

August 08 First Amendment Cyber-Tribune

Offering an online copy of the Declaration of Independance, as well as info about ongoing theats to free speech as well as to free press, this site also offers sections on censorship, threats to religious freedom and lots of great links including who to contact in a crisis. Well done!

August 09 Gilda's Club

Comedian Gilda Radnor died of cancer and this non-profit organization was started in her memory to offer support for cancer victims everywhere so that no one would ever have to face cancer alone. We've supported them since our first paper issues and encourage you to drop by their site.

August 10 Women Fight Violence

This is a webring dedicated to sites which offer information about domestic violence, surviving incest, rape, missing children, etc. While time consuming to search through since this page is merely a link to over 200 sites in the webring, there's a wealth of information here for those interested and this is a worthy project and one of the better webrings.

August 11 Psychology and Law

Offering non-repetitious information about serial killers and cults, this site also has links to go find out more.

August 12 Parascope

Offering a conspiracy newsline, as well as information about UFOs, alien autopsies and so on, this site is more professionally laid out than most and will surely delight and entertain those interest in the paranormal.

August 13 Esotericism

Offering a banner exchange program, search engine, clickable world map to live webcams, and a shopping center, as well as a bbs and newsgroup access, this site will appeal to those interested in new age and the occult.

August 14 Psychedelic 60s Home Page

An absolutely superb look at the 1960s counterculture from the Special Collections Department of the University of Virginia Library. Don't miss this if you are interested in that eras posters, politics, music, art, radical groups, or the Vietnam War.

August 15 Top 100

Offering the darkest sites on the Web, ranked by popularity, this is a good lead for many gray sites dealing with sex, hacking, satanism, gore and just about everything else most sites wouldn't dare touch. Definitely a full night or more of links here, and probably something guaranteed to offend everyone.

August 16

Offering information on Gatso cameras, speed traps, and some sexual content as well, this Java site is well done.

August 17 The Psychedelic Chaishop

A superb site about dance parties you can attend all over the world, as well as a gallery of psychedelic art, music and superb links. Well worth a link if you are interested in rave culture, and the psychedelic underground.

August 18 HateWatch

Dedicated to "combating and containing online bigotry," this organization offers RealAudio news, chat, an activist center, and clues you into such things as hate by country, hate by category, racist software, racist web sites, symbols of hate, and relevant books. Well worth a look, although it's understandably depressing.

August 19 Beyond The Road's End

This is an online book about a couple who had to deal with an unexpected brain tumor and its consequences. Frank and honest, this offers insight into the medical procedures, the emotional toll, internet support, and more. Well worth reading, and missing only a photograph of the couple's dog who is discussed at length in the various chapters.

August 20

A story about government corruption, in which the couple provides police reports and claims the government allowed their children to be sexually abused.

August 21 Dark Lair of Infinite Evil

Specializing in everything dark, gray and evil, this site offers chat, links galore, book reviews, and more. There are well over a thousand links here to vampyric sites, gothic sites, and weird sites of all kinds.

August 22 Rogue's Den Of Iniquity

Offering information on bisexuality, halloween, BDSM, censorship, tirades, poetry, body modification and more, this site covers lots of traditionally gray topics.

August 23 The National Forum on People's Differences Home Page

A fascinating concept in which visitors can ask questions about other religions, genders, races, occupations, and more, and then have other people answer them.

August 24 The American Civil Liberties Union

Offering information on your legal rights, with an emphasis on gray and minority issues such as reproduction, racial equality, and homosexuality. Information on hot legal issues, current ACLU activities, and much more.

August 25 MMF Hall of Humiliation

Online scammers get exposed here. If you've had it with chain letters, get rich quick schemes and so on, this is a great site to explore.

August 26 Please, No More "Make Money Fast"

If you think you hate get rich quick mailings, your anger can't possibly match this man's since his name is mentioned in these mailings. Read all about it here in this awesome site.

August 27 Truth In Advertising

A collection of very old cigarette ads is presented here, from back in the day when ads could promise things they couldn't necessarily deliver. Yes, this still happens today, but not quite like this. :)

August 28 What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know

A wealth of information about UFOs, and aliens on a visually appealing home page.

August 29 CNS: Cabal Network Security

The war against spam is fought here daily and this site provides information on what's happening in the news and on the Net. Worth a visit if you hate spam or just want to learn more about it.

August 30 Well Cum to the Land of Propulsion

This is the home page of a paper zine, as well as a company which sells all sorts of cool things for those into alternative music. The owner is one of those rare people who actually does what they say they will and this site comes highly recommended. You'll get what you pay for and a whole lot more.

August 31 Urban Legends Reference Pages

If you're interested in urban legends, which are stories that get told and retold which may or may not have any basis in fact, check here. There are sections on Christmas, horror, sex, Disney, college, music, movies, and more. This is visually appealing and engrossing too.

*** JULY 1998 WINNERS ***

July 01 Yasgur Road Productions

Remember Yasgur's Farm, the site of the Woodstock 69 festival? This web page documents the struggle the people who now own the land have had with the town in trying to allow people who wish to commemorate the festival to come to their land for smaller festivals. There are photos, great links, the ability to chat with others and information on their court case.

July 02 Marduk's Guide to Garbage Digging

A site devoted to trashing, which is the art of stealing trash. The information here is not for those with criminal intent, but rather for those who seek free furniture and other usable items which have already been discarded by their owners. There's a FAQ, links to other sites about garbage, information of where to dig and what not to take.

July 03 Bad Parents

A page full of tragic clippings and news reports about horrible parenting. The site is regularly updated with recent news clippings, which alas are quite plentiful.

July 04 Free Speech and Censorship

This superb links site will put you in touch with various organizations, archives, journalists, research papers and more.

July 05 Weird Links

An assortment of gray links to keep you busy for hours.

July 06 big-gulp

If you pride yourself on being well versed in every possible sexual fantasy, here's one you might have overlooked. This site is dedicated to people who long to be swallowed by other people (think Jonah and the whale...). If the topic interests you there's a wealth of material here, and even though it's not our cup of tea it's quite well done for what it is, especially since while the webmaster is gay he has included heterosexual fantasies as well for those who wish to read them.

July 07 Before I Get AIDS

A free book is offered here, or by email, about preventing AIDS and dealing with it if you find out you are one of its many victims.

July 08 BC Marijuana

The Cultivation Game is a cool board game which you can order here. Using tokens, cards, dice, wits and luck you plant seeds to grow pot, and can then harvest it, smoke it and plant some more. The object of the game is of course to be the player who ends up with the most pot. This is original, cute, and sure to interest baby boomers and those either smoke pot or believe it should be legal for health and political reasons.

July 09 Diabetes CURE NOW!

It's hard to argue with this page which urges visitors to take part in the gray ribbon campaign which uses a gray ribbon to help promote awareness about diabetes. The site offers facts about the disease as well as information about its many "gray day" supporters.

July 10

Gray is one of those weird words that is properly spelled using either the A or the E. This site uses the E spelling to promote "grey day" which is October 1st and honors original content on the Web, reminding people not to steal bandwidth, plagiarize online works, or use copyrighted works without proper licensing. A great cause, and surely one we have been stolen from enough to admire.

July 11 Home Page of Karen Liddell

A fascinating page by a woman who participated in an Internet chain letter and who was busted for it by the U.S. Post Office. She prints the reports she once sold, shows how her name is still being used against her will in these letters and provides links to other sites to find out more about this problem. Well done.

July 12 Gray Market Goods

A site offering information about gray market goods, which are products sold by someone other than the merchant who they were originally sold to or to people who were not the intended target market. Examples of this are video games which are marketed to one country such as Japan, and not sold in other countries such as the US yet end up imported into the U.S. anyway and sold to rabid consumers. Most of this site deals with MiniDiscs, but it's worth a look anyway.

July 13 Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(8)

An important page about what happens if you file for bankruptcy and have a student loan. Personal information from the case of the site's author, as well as links to every important web site discussing any aspect of this issue. Well worth reading, even if you don't have a student loan and don't have much interest in bankruptcy proceedings.

July 14 The Children's Protection and Advocacy Coalition

A large site with many gray pages to click on including hate crimes and healing, survivor's healing journey, cyberstalking, crime victim's rights, etc.

July 15 Alcatraz

Alcatraz is a former maximum security prison which can be visited, and which has been the focus of several movies including The Rock and Birdman of Alcatraz. This site offers military history, natural history, penitentiary history, Native American occupation information, a bookstore, a section on Hollywood's portrayal, and links to other relevant sites.

July 16 John Waters

An unofficial site dedicated to film director John Waters. There is information here on his 12 films, the three books he has authored, and a few of the many articles that have been written about him. This is a good place to start if you are curious about the man, or have seen one of his films and want to know about the others.

July 17 Direct Marketing Abuse

A site against junk mail, telephone calls and email, this offers information on laws, the good guys, the bad guys, tools and links, death threats, and news updates. A great place to start if you too are feeling stalked by solicitors for things you have no interest in.

July 18 The Blacklisted Journalist

A retired journalist offers monthly columns here including one on the Beatles, Jerry Wexler, Marilyn Monroe, the Grateful Dead, and more.

July 19 Crimeboss

A site about crime comic books of the 1940s and 1950s, this offers a gallery, want list, items for sale, links to other comic sites, and an explanation of the material and the hobby. Well done.

July 20 Fight Back: Retailer Stories

If you've had a beef with a major retailer such as Circuit City, Comp USA, Fry's, Best Buy, Good Guys, Computer City, etc. here's the place to go bitch. You can tell your story and hope someone else cares. There's also a place for employees of these stores to bitch about their customers because turnabout is fair play. Amusing to read, especially if you haven't had a problem yourself.

July 21 The Melon Farmers' Video Hits

In England, the BBFC determines what films must be censored or edited. This site monitors their activities and offers film fans news updates, information on exactly how many minutes have been cut from recent films, and a superb archive. There are many great links here too for those interested in British cinema, censorship, and and legislation in Parliament.

July 22 Ghost Sites

Lots of web sites go up but this site tracks those that either go down or are essentially dead due to lack of updating. A worthwhile effort, and hey, somebody's gotta do it...

July 23 abyss

Home of the Omaha BDSM List and the BDSM List, this site is also the dungeon of Kelson and his slave Anam. There are free personals, an ability to chat, links, webrings and more.

July 24 Green Channel

A wealth of environmental information has been gathered here including laws, agencies, campaigns, research, access to specialists, and sections on biodiversity, waste management, energy technology and more.

July 25 The WildList

An international organization dedicated to sharing information about what computer viruses have ended up in the "wild," i.e. on unsuspecting users' machines. Those involved adhere to a code of conduct, do product testing, and regularly release a report which helps everyone. Well done.

July 26 Curious Yellow

Information about raves is offered here in the form of reviews, along with reviews of books, information about recreational drugs, anarchy, links and other weird stuff.

July 27 The Adult Film Archive

If the adult film industry interests you, here's information on the people involved, the films, business aspects, and a reading room with articles.

July 28 Missing Identity Website

For Holocaust survivors who are still searching for others they once knew, or for children who grew up with no families, this site provides a vital link to potentially put people in touch with each other. Sadly, it's done as a totally volunteer effort with no funding and so its resources are limited. But it's a step in the right direction and a great solution to a tragic problem.

July 29 Looking for someone? Find them here!

Adoptees are not allowed to know who their parents are by law. Nowhere else in society is such secrecy condoned. This site strives to change that by offering a person locator, great adoption links, and a way to register with the I.S.R.R. which helps adoptees and birth family members.

July 30 Teen Health and the Media

Helping teens make healthy choices, this site offers information about food and body image, tobacco/alcohol/other drugs, violence and suicide, sexuality and media literacy. Lots of gray topics made less fuzzy in one place.

July 31 Institute for Alternative Journalism

Updated regularly, this site is home to alternet news service, Media Culture Review and much more. If you are sick of the lies, errors and omissions in mainstream media, check this out instead.

*** JUNE 1998 WINNERS ***

June 01 National Alternative Pet Association

This site deals with unconventional and gray pets, offering information about laws, books, breeders, shelters, etc. If your idea of a pet goes beyond traditional cats and dogs, perhaps to llamas, or ferrets or snakes, check here.

June 02 The Green Trance

This marijuana site offers photos, stories,links, and more.

June 03 Cremation Society

Cremation has always been a gray area, due to the fuss society makes about the need to spend a lot of money burying the dead. If you have mixed feelings about this topic, or want more information, this is a great place to begin.

June 04 The Holocaust History Project

Documents, photographs and essays galore including information to refute those who deny the Holocaust ever happened.

June 05 Toys R Us Sucks

A new trend in web pages are sites which badmouth retailers. Toys R Us is a natural for this since they pay minimum wage to experienced help, don't give employee discounts, and employees often buy the collectible toys before customers can ever see them. This page offers information about violations, personnel, complaints, and rates various stores in the chain.

June 06 Americans For Computer Privacy

Answering common questions, defining terms, updating visitors on bills in Congress, and addressing the encryption debate, this site deals with something everyone reading this should have an interest in.

June 07 The Archive of Misheard Lyrics

Rock lyrics have always been hard to understand, often purposely so. This site offers 1783 botched lyrics which are viewable by song and by artist. You can also add your own submissions.

June 08 Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

Making the best possible use of Shockwave technology, this site promotes the Terry Gilliam film about Hunter S. Thompson's gray roadtrip under the influence of all possible drugs.

June 09 The Bad Traders List For the Entire Internet

The title for this site is a bit misleading, since it only addresses people who have burned those who collect Beanie Baby dolls. However, it's a novel idea and worth a read even if you don't collect them just to see the lengths some people will go to in order to profit on a fad.

June 10 The Pedro Zamora Foundation

Pedro Zamora was an AIDS activist best known for his role on MTV's The Real World show. This site offers a free condom, remembers Pedro and offers information aimed at young people.

June 11 QuackWatch Home Page

This site deals with health fraud and medical quackery. It offers publications, victim case reports, and a list of questionable products/treatments involving everything from diet supplements to aromatherapy to cancer treatments to chiropracters. Well worth your time even if nothing ails you.

June 12 Welcome to Bad Fads

This site immortalizes various fads you wish you could forget. Everything from hula hoops to pet rocks to streaking to bellbottom pants is here, neatly organized into categories of fashion, collectibles, activities and events. Well done.

June 13 Find A Grave

Put together by a guy who has the gray hobby of collecting dirt from the graves of famous people, this superb site allows you to search for the graves (and tombstone messages when possible) of well known people by using their names, claim to fame, or location. There are pictures, great links and even a bibliography.

June 14 Phenomena On-Line

Dedicated to "the paranormal, the unexplained and the unusual," this site deals with ghosts, hauntings, abductions, witchcraft, etc.

June 15 The Value of Families

Supporting equal rights for gays and lesbians, this site offers banners to support Disney's struggle against the religious right. While the news coverage has died down on this, the problem is still very much ongoing and you are urged to pick up a banner and check out the full story.

June 16 Wal-mart Sucks

Another anti-retail site, this one addresses the chain of Walmart Drug Stores. Extremely well done, this focuses on major complaints, lawsuits, violations, and ranks various Walmart stores against each other.

June 17 Animals For Sale

Tons of information about owning exotic animals including FAQs, laws, animals available for sale right now, how to care for your pets, etc.

June 18 The Medical Marijuana Magazine

A magazine about the medical use of marijuana, whose publisher has been hassled by the DEA. This is one of the better pot sites on the Net, and is updated often. Worth a look even if you would never smoke it yourself.

June 19 FBI FOIPA Electronic Reading Room

A sampling of some of the most interesting information the FBI has had to release under the Freedom of Information Act. There is material here on celebrities such as Lucille Ball and Elvis Presley, items of historical interest on Amelia Earhart and Klaus Barbie, as well as espionage, violent crime, the Gangster era and unusual phenomenon. Well worth a look. This site makes us proud to have been in such good company when the FBI decided to monitor Gray Areas several years ago.

June 20 Dark Realms

A newer occult site with information on tarot cards, Crowley, Wicca, Mythical Monsters, and more.

June 21 You're Outta Here!

This site presents recent celebrity obituaries along with some information about who the person was. Archives are also kept of older deaths.

June 22 untitled

Sam Kinison may be dead, but he is certainly not forgotten among comedy lovers. This site contains real audio, real video, and his brother will attempt to answer your burning questions.

June 23 Acme Widgets and Gadgets

All sorts of products are described here in a humorous manner. Worth a peek if you too like odd catalogs with items like lava lamps, hacky sacks, X-Ray glasses, etc.

June 24 No Safe Place

A site about a documentary which aired on PBS, this contains still timely information about violence against women including statistics, interviews, related articles, study guide, script, etc.

June 25 The Child Protection Society

Calling attention to child pornography on the Internet, this site offers real audio, white ribbon banners, information on the laws, links, etc.

June 26 The Whole Truth

A site about truth in advertising and the cigarette industry, there is an appeal here to President Clinton, the Food and Drug Administration, Jack Valenti and the Tobacco Advertising Agencies.

June 27 Anomalies: The Strange & Unexplained

Information on Roswell, Cryptozoology, the Alma and Yeti, etc. are offered here along with book and video reviews, illustrations, glossary, bibliography and links.

June 28

Are you a neofeminist? If not, are you for them or against them? This site offers a definition, academic papers, creative writing, and loud mouthed opinions.

June 29 The Digital Freedom Network

Offering previously censored material, this site exists to help change governmental censorship policies and help stop human rights abuses.

June 30 John C. Lilly Homepage

Lilly is a writer and scientist interested in isolation tanks, dolphins, LSD experiments, and many other gray topics. It's all here at this official site.

*** APRIL & MAY 1998 WINNERS ***
We are taking the months of April and May off to launch the Gray Areas Mud and will be back with more awards in June.

*** MARCH 1998 WINNERS ***
March 01 Epona's Celtic World

A site which explores the Celts, all things Celtic, as well as the occult and Wicca too. Very well done!

March 02 Stop The Drug War

This superb resource site offers information of use to journalists, lawmakers, researchers, and lay people about the latest news, court cases, and legal decisions about drugs.

March 03 Epoch Attitudes

Curious about psychic phenomenon? Think psychic hotlines are scams? Here's a brilliant expose by someone who worked for one of them. This is MUST reading if the subject at all interests you.

March 04 Needle Exchange Saves Lives

This site demands the creation of a nationwide, federally funded, program to let addicts exchange used needles in order to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. I first ran into such a program when i lived in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district and visited the legendary Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. Later I learned such programs are NOT common and, in fact, are illegal in many states to this day. If the War on Drugs has taught us anything, it's that people are going to use drugs anyway, whether or not they remain illegal. This web page has a great idea that should be adopted. If you need more information, there are links here to existing needle exchange programs, information about how to perform safe injections, a paper by the author and some information about HIV/AIDS as well.

March 05 The Blue Bell Foundation

This is a retirement haven for cats, with expenses of $80,000 a year. They offer cats for adoption, the ability to come volunteer there, a web photo gallery, and information about how the foundation began and how it operates. This will fascinate cat lovers and provide food for thought about creating local options to save unwanted animals.

March 06 Correcting Anti-Environmental Myths

This unique page was started by someone who couldn't find the information elsewhere. It lists web pages, sorted by subject, person, titles and organizations, which address anti-environmental myths. Definitely a gray areas, just not one we personally cover. Worth a look no matter what position you support.

March 07 Thoughtosphere

A page mostly about DMT, as well as other psychedelic ideas and ideals. Worth a look if you are curious about the drug culture.

March 08 The Smoking Gun

This collection of confidential documents is well worth poring through. Lots of info on celebrities, political persona and governmental agencies. Fascinating, original and fun too.

March 09 Cassie's lil bean~bag

While the site has lots of typos, which are understandable considering the webmistress is Israeli not American, this is an outstanding piece of work (in progress) about S/M relationships. The focus here is on meeting people on the Net, and perhaps taking the relationships into real life. There are many pages on what S/M is, how to choose partners, safe sex, how to carefully arrange meetings with strangers, etc. Many good links too, as well as a chat page to help you get started. We found this fascinating even though we don't practice S/M.

March 10 Glittering Phoenix

This Wiccan site has pages on cyberactivists, a 5 point political agenda and more. Good graphics, easy to follow and lots of information you probably haven't run across elsewhere.

March 11 A Woman's Touch

A woman owned business which offers sex toys, books, videos, clothing and massage oils. This is tastefully done, and should offer something for almost everyone.

March 12 Has Your Site Been Banned?

Home of a webring for people whose sites have been banned by one or more filtering systems, this page also offers information on how such bans occur, how to tell if your site is being banned, what types of censorware exist and material on each, etc. We find this webring an excellent source of quality sites worth awarding here. If you like our page, you'll also be comfortable at this one and owe it to yourself to check out the rest of the sites in this webring.

March 13 Museum of Menstruation

Everything you ever (and never) wanted to know about menstruation is collected here, including medical news, ads, jokes, links to companies that manufacture tampons, etc. This is a serious site, and very well researched.

March 14 The Beth Page

Beth Elliot's site offers "commentary and fun for politically incorrect webgrrrlz... and friends." There's Sapphistication, a lesbian ezine, with superb writing, and much, much more here too.

March 15 Pookland

Although this is mostly a site full of links, it's quite comprehensive and includes links to homosexual topics, political topics, health issues, as well as categories like groovy and mishmash. Something for almost everyone can be found here.

March 16 Home of Reverand Tim McIntire

Comedy can surely be gray, as is this page proves. In the spirit of Lenny Bruce, Tim addresses pornography, racism and more. Good links to other comedy pages too.

March 17 The Home Page

Dedicated to debunking myths about practicing witches, this site also sells tarot cards, offers personal ads, explains how Cybersitter censors Pagan web pages, and offer tips on coming out of the broomcloset to those you know. Well done.

March 18 Alternative Realities in Art & Thought

Embracing paganism and the arts, this site has a section on tarot cards, creativity and the paranormal, a fantasy art gallery and some unique links as well.

March 19 Cures Not Wars Online!

This page addresses medical marijuana, Ibogaine, drug war criminals and offers news clippings, testimony, links, and more.

March 20 Serial Killers

A home page offering information on serial killers, criminology and psychology issues. Well laid out and easy to follow, even if much of it is simply taken from other people's books.

March 21 The BIG List of Movie Mistakes

A superb page listing Hollywood movies, which are divided alphabetically, and the errors that can be found by watching each scene carefully.

March 22 Electronic Relationship Advisor

Ever wonder what it would be like to date someone you met on the Net? Or have you done so already and wonder how others experiences compare to yours? This page deals with the often gray lines that are crossed when fantasy becomes reality.

March 23 Unclaimed Baggage Center

Ever wonder what happens to airline luggage that can't be returned to its rightful owner? Probably not, but now that I've put the idea into your head it turns out it gets sold to this company which resells it to consumers. While less gray than some of the other sites we award, it's gray that the airlines do this and don't publicize it and some of the items that turn up in people's luggage can be gray too. There are some interesting stories here about who people who bought clothes and found out they had wads of cash hidden in them, etc. Worth a look especially if you like shopping for bargains.

March 24 Dalinda's Meffnet Pages

This personal page is of interest due to the section on the death penalty. Some statistics, case histories, and resources for additional information are offered. This is a good place to start if the issue troubles you.

March 25 The Web of Deception

Superb collection of articles on lying, police interrogations, deception, etc. as well as links to other researchers and articles across the net.

March 26 The V.W.A. Virus Information Page

A good beginning for information about computer viruses and virus myths designed to help AOL users sort fact from fiction.

March 27 Build Freedom

This unique site is designed to help empower people with tools to live freely in an unfree world. There is a section for networking, psychology, language, health, and much more.

March 28 Marijuana Man's Hemp Information Center

Offering an art gallery, book store, brownie recipe, great links, and a slew of text files and faqs, this site is worth a look for those interested in getting high. Clearly one sided, but well done.

March 29 Path of the Crescent Moon

A Wiccan site with information on magick, meditation, colors, pagan history, plants, elements, etc. Very easy to navigate and an excellent beginning look at this complex subject.

March 30 The Enlightenment Zone

A site containing short rants about everything from social security to the war on drugs to New World Order to the gray areas of diet food.

March 31 Moonstone's Home Page

A page about Wicca with information on covens, astrology, rituals and spells, poetry and, of course, links.

February 01 Kevin's Home Page

A site focusing on cryptozoology which is the study of "hidden zoology." This includes species such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, etc.

February 02 James Dawson's Freedom Pages

A political hemp page with info on demonstrations, letter writing campaigns, prisoner updates, etc.

February 03 Free Speech Movement Archives

This page addresses the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s and includes an archive of classic leaflets, a photo gallery, information on a recent dedication to Mario Savio, etc.

February 04 A Brief History of Banned Music

Divided into decades, this site details banned songs, albums and artists. Also included are listings of pro and anti-censorsip groups as well as visitor comments.

February 05 Soa Gild Antinomian Gateway

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Temple of Set, a Satanic group which follows the Left-Hand Path, in an easy-to-follow, well-organized page. There's more than enough info here to help you decide if you'd like to join as well as links to members, articles and places to turn next.

February 06 You Killed Kenny.Com (You Bastards!)

South Park is without question one of the grayest programs to ever air. Rampant curse words, poking fun at all sorts of ethnic groups, and plots that involve aliens, vomit, feces, homosexuals, etc. serve to make one treasure each and every episode that gets by the censors. This web site links together all known South Park web pages. On them one can download movies, sounds, screen savers, scripts, windows themes, play games, order official merchandise, chat with other fans, etc. If you have yet to see this show, it's well worth your time to view at least once and this page will lead you to pages that explain what all the fuss is about. If you are already a fan, this site will hook you up.

February 07 Mayday: Kent State

Most of us know that four students were shot at Kent State in 1970, for no apparent reason, but few of us have heard much beyond that. This site offers history and statements by the victims families, professors, survivors, and others present, as well as a grand jury report, the Justice Department summary of the FBI reports, and more. Well worth your time to visit, assuming you can stomach reading the hate mail the parents involved received after their children were murdered(!!!).

February 08 The Dr. Seuss Web Page

The Dr. Seuss books are probably more colorful than gray, but this page deserves an award for effort and honesty. Finding nothing about Dr. Suess on the Web, this fan decided to make a page of his own, which has blossomed into a centralized place to find other Seuss links as the Web has evolved. If you have fond memories of reading The Cat In The Hat or How The Grinch Stole Christmas or The Butter Battle Book, point your browser here.

February 09 International Raelian Movement

Claiming to be the world's largest non-profit UFO organization, this page obviously deals with UFOs. Presenting news, scientific and religious evidence and information about their organization, this is well organized and the material is offered in *many* languages as well.

February 10 Ain't It Cool News

This is THE place to go for information about movies long before they open. There are sections devoted to film reviews, and the latest news about casting, production, test marketing, etc. There is also a section covering television, some film industry links and a rotating section with collectibles for sale. These include Fillmore and Avalon ballroom posters, movie posters and animation cels.

February 11 net.wars

Wendy Grossman's entire book is online here with chapters on hackers, scientologists, cryptography, pornography, Internet commerce, AOL, CDA, etc. It's gray in itself that a book publisher would put an entire book online to be read for free, but clearly the book is full of gray topics as well. Well written, even if you already know most of what it says.

February 12 Radicalism Collection

Here's an online collection of radical political documents from the Black Panthers, KKK, American Indian Movement, Birth Control Movement, SDS and the Women's Movement. A superb idea well worth seeking out if you have read things about these groups but never seen any of the original documents the press reports came from.

February 13 Virtual Virus Experience

This is the place to find information on biological viruses including AIDS, herpes, Ebola, hepatitis, polio, etc. Superb non-judgemental information and a wealth of links and resources are offered too.

February 14 Dr. Ruth Online

Whether you'd like answers to a specific sexual question, or simply want to download cool tasteful and educational sex backgrounds, icons, sounds and cursors, Dr. Ruth's new web site probably has what you are looking for.

February 15 Pedowatch

People concerned about child pornography on the Internet should check out this resource which links together info about AOL, IRC, organizations trying to stop the problem and the few boy lovers willing to speak out to Pedowatch.

February 16 Erowid: Entheogen Vaults

All sorts of information and links are offered here about drugs, including a wealth of new resources we haven't spotted anywhere else. There are links to lawyers, government agencies, faqs, media, and every drug you can think of from heroin to caffeine to kava is addressed. Not to be missed if you use or worry about the effects of drugs on your body, mind or freedoms.

February 17 &TOTSE Home Page

There's been a recent resurgance of old BBSs in the hacking community, and here's proof it has been expanding. &TOTSE is involved with NIRVANAnet, which links together BBSs anyone can access and get immediate, anonymous verification. Some of the sites offer internet access to IRC and newsgroups, and all offer message bases and text files about all sorts of radical topics like bombs, viruses, hacking, drugs, privacy, etc. At present this probably involves making a long distance call, but there is progress underway to change that. It's a good bet some of the people who call here aren't paying for their calls anyway, just like in the golden years of BBSing.

February 18 Help Save The Redwoods

Here's a very unique page from a family whose son, a deadhead, died en route to a Grateful Dead concert. They took the time to find out his interests, and to listen to the music he loved and have started a campaign along with Rainforest Action Network to help save the Redwood trees their son loved so much. Worth a look if you like the dead, the environment, or just want to see a page about a decent family that have taken the time to get behind what their kid enjoyed instead of trying to cover it up. Not many parents would bury their child in Grateful Dead attire.... kudos to this family.


A.J. Weberman first became known to most of us when he went through Bob Dylan's trash and published what he found there. He wrote a book about garbology, the art and science of digging through people's trash and anazlyzing what one found there. This was decades before today's hackers started popularizing trashing expeditions through the garbage dumpsters at phone companies... These days Weberman is into the CIA, Watergate, the JFK Assassination, government informants and the move to infiltrate the hacking scene, and all sorts of other gray things worth looking at. His web page has a virtual acid trip, a look at Mick Jagger's trash, a tribute to Abbie Hoffman, his belief that Bob Dylan is dying of AIDS, etc.

February 20 Experience Hendrix Interactive

There's something intrinsically gray about a musician who has had SO many more records released since his death than he ever participated in while alive. This is the official web site offering a newsletter, merchandise, information about recordings and much more.

February 21 Hate Page of the Week

This educational page exists to feature a different web site every week. The sites are picked for their offensive nature in promoting hatred against a group of people (i.e. racists sites). This is well worth checking out if you didn't know how widespread such pages are, or how to find them. The webmaster does not agree with such pages, but does not believe they should be censored either.

February 22 Flash Mountain

Think you've seen everything Disney? Guess again. Apparently women enjoy lifting their shirts and skirts while riding the Splash Mountain ride. At the pivotal moment in the ride, which is a rollercoaster with a huge drop, Disney staff members photograph guests and then later try to sell the photos to them. Staff members are supposed to confiscate nude photos, but here's a web page dedicated to those that escaped from the theme park.

February 23 Ovi's World of the Bizarre

If outrageous news clippings interest you, here's a site worth checking out. Besides publishing a regular newletter, there are archive files of past editions, as well as pages on weird sex laws, links to bizarre web sites, and more.

February 24 Turn Left... The Home of Liberalism

Fighting right-wing censorship, this page promoting liberalism addresses politics, culture and issues.

February 25 UFO Folklore

This page about UFO folklore offers news, sections on the FBI, Roswell, abductions, moo-tilations, NASA, the military and UFO sightings in other countries. It's easy-to- follow and well organized, with many other links if you seek additional opinions.

February 26 Spyzone

Want to buy high tech security products? This site offers products, information about upcoming trade shows, various articles and information on becoming a distributor.

February 27 Dead People Server

The Dead People Server helps you identify celebrities who have died and when it happened, as well as the cause of death (or at least the one publically released. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate (so you can't blame them if Elvis or Jim Morrison reappear next week), but every attempt is made to keep track of as many folks as possible.

February 28 Pieman's Home Page

While this page takes *forever* to fully load, it is indeed worth the wait. Aron Kay is the man responsible for throwing pies in the faces of famous people. He's been at it for a long time. This page includes photos, an explanation of why he throws pies, a partial listing of who he's thrown pies at and an absolutely incredible amount of 60s related links which are, alas, very poorly organized. Once the page loads, you can easily spend hours here, and there's food for thought provided on how to take all kinds of political action.

*** JANUARY 1998 WINNERS ***
January 01 Schizophrenia

A graphically impressive site with a strong sense of humor about being crazy.

January 02 Primal Scream

Offers a calendar of crime archive, a library of criminal justice articles, a page on Ed Gein, Nazi info and police composites of infamous criminals.

January 03 IntelWeb

The home page of Intelligence Watch Report, this site offers info on the world's intelligence agencies and organizations. If government surveillance interests you, don't miss this resource.

January 04 The World Sex Guide: Prostitution

A collection of articles, links and more about prostitution. Highly recommended.

January 05 Oral Pleasure Can Be Yours...Free!

Chain letters are certainly gray with postal authorities maintaining they are illegal but doing almost nothing to eliminate them and with participants swearing by their legality and that they work. Here's a site that spoofs these letters with a chain letter to help you get all the oral sex you want and more. Banned by AOL, which is proof enough it's worth seeing :)

January 06 Kill Yourself, Inc.

A still developing page, this one sells t-shirts making suicide seem cool and publishes suicide notes, hate mail, media clippings, etc.

January 07 WomensNet

A large collection of feminist writings, stories, news and more. Themes include women in prison, abortion, music, politics, rape and other forms of violence against women, media, economics and human rights.

January 08 Annie Sprinkle's Home Page

Sex worker, writer and workshop leader extraordinaire Annie Sprinkle has a unique view of women in the sex business.

January 09 Salem

Experience the Salem witch trials from the perspective of one of the accused witches. Simply superb.

January 10

Here's your chance to monitor police communications in four major cities including Los Angeles and New York City.

January 11 The Payphone Project

Phone numbers to thousands of payphones and comments from readers who dialed some of them. Fascinating stuff!

January 12 Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

If you hate spam, here's your chance to join the fight against it.

January 13 The ONION

An alternative news service containing only gray and cool news.

January 14 Eroscan: The Index of the Adult Internet

A search engine for adult businesses and people, organized into categories such as health, legal, literature, catalogs,fetishes, services, etc.

January 15 Confessions of a WASH ME scribbler

This dude claims to have written "wash me" on over 760,000 U.S. cars. If that's not gray enough, wait till you read the comments visitors to his site have left :)

January 16 Writ in Water

A gallery of memorials for the dead is offered here including Jim Morrison, Salem, MA, Evergreen Cemetary in Santa Cruz, CA and much, much more.

January 17 Nina Hartley's Web Page

One of the most popular and most intelligent of the adult film actresses, Nina's page answers fan questions, has tour info, links to sites involving Nina's current projects, and has info on her next movie.

January 18 The Trash Cans of Disney

Dirt is gray, and so is the way we think of and treat people who clean it. Here's a marvelous site describing what it's like to work for the custodial department at Disney's Florida theme parks and offering a gallery of photos of each different trash can located there.

January 19 The National Security Archive Home Page

Offering online access to declassified documents, there is info here on White House email, Che Guevara's death, The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Nixon-Presley meeting.

January 20 Infiltration

This zine investigates "urban exploration" which is the art of hacking unauthorized physical access to places marked "Do Not Enter" and "Keep Out" such as those found in almost every company, college, hospital, hotel or other facility. While the focus is mostly on Canadian escapades so far, this is a well done project that will no doubt expand.

January 21 Bastard Nation

A well laid out, controversial site advocating open records for adult adopted persons.

January 22 Driveways of the Rich and Famous

The home page for a cable TV show unfortunately only available in a handful of markets so far, this focuses on interviewing celebrities about their houses and driveways. Most of the interviews end up being with the people who work for the celebrities such as doormen, housekeepers, delivery men and mailmen. Neighbors also feature prominantly. So well thought out it even lets you go trick or treating at the home of some celebrities to see who hands out candy and who ignores the door.

January 23 Feminists For Free Expression

A superb non-profit organization which offers a bibliography, speakers bureau, pamphlets and more about defending the right to free expression and free speech. The advisory board and board of directors includes Candida Royalle, Nancy Friday, Erica Jong, Betty Freidan and Nora Ephron.

January 24 Outhouses of America

A web site which focuses on public toilets around the world which are located outdoors. There are also many stories, anecdotes and, of course, photographs. Worth a look, especially for travel buffs.

January 25 Bayowolf & Erzsebet's Wicca Page

A page with info and links to help you learn more about witchcraft and paganism.

January 26 The BOFH Collection

This collection of "Bastard Operator From Hell" stories includes the classic original text as well as new (to us) stories from a user, a mud administrator, etc. WELL worth your time if you know anything about UNIX, or muds, or system administration. A good place to learn about some gray areas of the Internet if you aren't already familiar with these terms.

January 27 Node Zero

This is the home page of the team that recently cracked the RSA Labs secret-key challenge.

January 28 Deviant's Dictionary

A comprehensive dictionary of BDSM terms and more.

January 29 Ebonics Lectric Library

A homepage that makes fun of Ebonics by converting many pieces of classical literature into Ebonics. Works include Plato, Milton, Shakespeare, etc.

January 30 Blue Honey

A visually stunning home page about psychedelic mushrooms.

January 31 The File Room Censorship Archive

Organized by dates, locations, reason for censorship and art medium, this page documents cases of recent censorship as well as allowing visitors to add new cases.