The Best 420 Deals in LA

Los Angeles, we did the calls, Weedmaps and Instagram searches. Here are the TOP 7 BEST 420 DISPENSARY DEALS IN LA

*Published on 4/19 due to dispensaries confirming their deals. If any details on here have changed, please let us know. (

1.) The Pottery

5042 Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019

First off, this dispensary is one of our favorites because of their aesthetics, passionate wellness counselors & central location, but their 4/20 deals have put The Pottery into a whole other category of being our go-to plug.

  • 20% off the ENTIRE store

  • The first 420 customers receive a goodie bag worth $200 for $1. *Must purchase a minimum of $60

  • Promos hosted by various vendors with additional discounts

It’s not just their deals we are looking forward to, they’ll have FREE valet and @fatburger will be there to further fuel your 4/20 festivities.

2.) CCA - California Caregivers Alliance

2815 Sunset Blvd # 201

Los Angeles, CA 90026

  • Spend $25 and receive a goodie bag worth $60. *While supplies last. Goodie bags may include: 200mg edibles, vape pen, flower and more

  • All purchases over $50 get to put their name in for a (4) raffles:

  1. Canndescent gift box AND a bong

  2. Island Promo Box, Cresco Labs and a Bhang Bar

  3. Big Mike joints, Val’s Organic Tinctures and Korova Edibles

  4. Bhang Bar, Skateboard, District Edibles and a pre roll

  • Promos hosted by various vendors with additional discounts

Sending good-luck vibes your way!

3.) Downtown Buyers Club

1501 E 17th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021

  • Ounces for $90 *Select brands

  • 50% off ALL glass

  • 2 pre-rolls for $5

  • Receive a goodie bag with any purchase

  • Buy a heavy hitter, get a cartridge for free

  • 25% off Roam products

  • 25% off edibles

4.) LitCo

1323 S. Flower St

Los Angeles, CA 90015

  • Spend $50, get a Kit worth $100 for $4.20. May include: Pre rolls, Kushy Punch Gummies, 8th of flower, tinctures, Papa and Barkley Fade Co, Chill, Big Pete’s

  • Buy half gram cartridge from King Pen, get a battery for a penny

  • Promos hosted by various vendors with additional discounts

5.) Greenhouse Herbal Center

5224 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, CA 90027

  • First 50 customers to spend OVER $100 gets a $200 gift bag for $1 + tax

  • All Brands Discount: 10% *Does not stack with other specials

  • $10/1g Strains, 5G/$40 Strains

6.) Buddha Company

2038 Sacramento St

Los Angeles, CA 90021

  • Goodie bags to the first 50 patients that cruise through. *Worth $40-$50

  • At 4:20pm the next 50 patients get a goodie bag. *Worth $40-$50

  • A Trump piñata full of goodies at 4:20

  • 14G deals for $70 before tax

  • BOGO on selected Plus Gummies

  • BOGO on selected Kanha Treats

  • Buy Happy Stick PAX Pod get PAX battery for $1

  • THC DESIGN buy an 1/8th, get a pre roll

  • COTC buy an 1/8th, get a pre roll

7.) LAVC - Los Angeles Variety Center

6132 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048

  • 20% off the ENTIRE store

  • Promos hosted by various vendors with additional discounts

  • FREE FOOD ALL DAY: Breakfast: Donuts - Lunch: Tacos - Dinner: Pizza

From our Gray Area fam to yours, Happy 420!

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